I have thought about doing this for a long time, but am not really sure how to do it.  So decided to jump in and see where it goes.

My intent is to create a space where like minded, joyful people can indulge in non-complaining, griping conversation with others.   I would also like to share thoughts and ideas I have found, that can lead to living a happier and more authentic life.

There is so much to be in appreciation for, I want very much to connect with others around the world who feel the same way.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to make friends in another country?

Here is my Mission Statement – do you have one?

My Mission Statement is to create a life of Ease and Flow.

I am doing this, by knowing “Who I really am” and then living my life authentically. It is my full intention to live my life in the absolute fullest way I can, by trusting only myself to know what is best for me and to live as Mahatma Gandhi stated “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I have my Boat headed “Downstream!” I am choosing to live by the power of example and to inspire others to have the courage to do the same. It’s worth every ounce of effort!

Viv, Joyologist