Where is your focus?

I have been in a “motion forward” it seems most of my life.

I love to learn, I love to share what I learn and I am always on a path to be better.

I have discovered over the past few years the real meaning of “make peace with where you are.”  It is about releasing the resistance and the pushing against what I am not wanting.  It seems so easy, right?

I have discovered that it comes down to focus.  If I am focusing on “not enough” I get more not enough.  If I am focusing on “I love my life,” suprise, I get more experiences and reasons to love my life.

I have been very focused recently on “the evidence” of what is happening in my life.  And you guessed it, I am experiencing all types of “Evidence” of how wonderful my life is.

I recently sat down and wrote out “The Rules to the Game of Life.”  It wasn’t surprising what was on it since we are all living it, but it was comforting to visually see there are actual rules to live a wonderful life.  Now that I have the list, it is my intention to live the Rules more deliberately vs. by default.  If you would like a copy, I would be happy to forward it to you.

I went a step further and asked a friend who is very well versed in scriptures to review my list and would she be willing to give me the scriptures to validate my list.  She loved what I wrote and gave me what I requested.  It was fabulous to see I was backed up by the Big Guy too.

Where has my focus been recently?  I have defined who I am, I have defined what gets in the way of change, I have defined the areas I want to improve to live more authentically and I am using the “Evidence” in my life as a road map to get where I want to go – Joy, Bliss, Appreciation, Passion, Positive Expectations everything necessary to live a well lived life.

Where is your focus?


What kind of friend are you?

I have been very busy lately identifying and creating my Natural State of Being.

It has been a process of observing people around me and deciding how they mirror me, what I really appreciate about them and what I see in them that is within me, that I am now ready to let go of.

During this process, I came up with “I am a good friend.”  I feel as a rule I really am a good friend.  I can be counted on to do what I say I will do; I am always honest, I am loving and I make sure I tell my friends I love them and I have many very old friendships.

I would like to remember birthdays and anniversarys more, send cards or letters more often and make more personal contact.

I had a conversation yesterday with a new friend, who made a comment I myself have felt for some time.  I don’t remember the exact quote but it was something along the lines of “People just don’t want to have meaningful relationships anymore.”  I will say, there is a lot of truth to this.

As a Health and Wellness Coach, I have been providing a thought to my clients – “If you are looking for your ideal mate, or job or relationship, make the time to sit and create a list of all of the qualities you would want that ideal person or situation to have.  Once completed, begin the process of becoming that person yourself.”

I believe you cannot attract any person, situation or circumstance into your life unless you match it.  Not only have I read this a zillion places, but I have tested it out personally.

The point is, if I am wanting deeper relationships, I have to become that way first.  I have to make the investment in myself and in the relationships I already have, before I can draw towards me even richer ones.

So today, my heart is feeling so full of love as I take the next baby step to enriching a relationship, because I want to.  I want my very sick friend to know regardless of what is going on in the world, I love her unconditionally and I am choosing to show up for her when she needs it most.

I am about to deliver a pot of FRESH homemade chicken, vegetable rice soup and it feels so good.  I would like more time in my life that allows the freedom to do special things like this.

She doesn’t need to know anything about the conversation you and I have just had, but I know.  I know the desire on my heart, I know it is authentic and I love who I am becoming.

What kind of friend are you?

Joyfully Yours,


I have been busy observing…

I have been busy writing new power points that I am teaching at a Mind Body Weight Management program.

So much has happened to me during the past 12 months I feel kind of buzzed by the inspiration I feel stirring.

I have been focusing on identifying what my Natural State of Being is.  It is an interesting process to identify what I came in with (at birth), what is natural to me and what I have acquired along the way that has developed into my Natural State of Being, otherwise know as “Character.”

I know for a fact, becaused I asked my Mom, I have always been a very happy person.  Pregnancy and delivery were easy, I was an easy infant who was able to entertain myself and growing up I remember being everybodys friend.  In my life I have had little conflict in relationships.

I find some people have difficulty with my happiness, but have come to accept, it’s not my problem.

Since I now know my Natual State of Being, I am practicing living it on purpose.

Today taking care of errands in Payson, I decided I would focus on being as present with everyone as I could.  I intentionally made eye contact and smiled the biggest smile I could with total strangers.

I even watched before my very eyes an irritated clerk getting me my fish at Walmart do a turn around.  I was aware he was impatient and would probably rather be anywhere but there, but I made it a point to say please, thank you and sent lots of appreciation towards him.  Within minutes, I could feel his softening towards me.  I even got an extra fish in the deal.  The cashier said did you want two or three, I looked up, said two and she said well sometimes this happens, you got an extra one.

I loved how I felt in every experience. It felt more special to me because I was choosing to be deliberately happy.

If you decide to play the game as well, I would love to hear your results.

Happy Friday!

Joyfully Yours,