I have been busy observing…

I have been busy writing new power points that I am teaching at a Mind Body Weight Management program.

So much has happened to me during the past 12 months I feel kind of buzzed by the inspiration I feel stirring.

I have been focusing on identifying what my Natural State of Being is.  It is an interesting process to identify what I came in with (at birth), what is natural to me and what I have acquired along the way that has developed into my Natural State of Being, otherwise know as “Character.”

I know for a fact, becaused I asked my Mom, I have always been a very happy person.  Pregnancy and delivery were easy, I was an easy infant who was able to entertain myself and growing up I remember being everybodys friend.  In my life I have had little conflict in relationships.

I find some people have difficulty with my happiness, but have come to accept, it’s not my problem.

Since I now know my Natual State of Being, I am practicing living it on purpose.

Today taking care of errands in Payson, I decided I would focus on being as present with everyone as I could.  I intentionally made eye contact and smiled the biggest smile I could with total strangers.

I even watched before my very eyes an irritated clerk getting me my fish at Walmart do a turn around.  I was aware he was impatient and would probably rather be anywhere but there, but I made it a point to say please, thank you and sent lots of appreciation towards him.  Within minutes, I could feel his softening towards me.  I even got an extra fish in the deal.  The cashier said did you want two or three, I looked up, said two and she said well sometimes this happens, you got an extra one.

I loved how I felt in every experience. It felt more special to me because I was choosing to be deliberately happy.

If you decide to play the game as well, I would love to hear your results.

Happy Friday!

Joyfully Yours,



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