Preparing for the New Year

I end this year with a desire for more from my life.  I realize to have this desire fulfilled I will have to be the one to make things happen.  I am wanting very much to show up bigger for myself than I have ever shown up.  It feels a little intimidating.

I have been reflecting on all of the Blessings I have – I have a wonderful family, wonderful friends, wonderful business, I live in a place that makes my heart sing.  I am healthy, I have an adorable little dog, and I have unlimited potential before me.

With the recent passing of my Dad, these Blessings not only have more meaning to me, but also have made me aware of how precious our time is, how much of my time I have squandered with indecision and it has sparked within me a greater desire to identify and walk into unknown fears.

I have begun this “identifying” process and encourage others to invest a few minutes also, in creating clarity regarding what is so possible for this approaching New Year.

What would you like to be different in 2012?


I am having a slow start…

I am so thrilled about the possibility of sharing with other like minded people and people who want to be like minded.

I am discovering there are many who have this desire.

Today I am so happy.  I was contacted by a friend I have had for 32 yrs who I have not heard from in years.

I love how time has not changed this relationship or its value to me.  Do you have a relationship like that?